Having a father (or adopted father, or step-father) who tried would make for a much better Father’s Day.

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Lola Young
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Jay Som
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Some, like David Foster Wallace’s encyclopedic postmodern novel β€œInfinite Jest,” seem like a sly comment on the new world OpenAI is helping to create.

β€”The Old-Fashioned Library at the Heart of the A.I. Boom [archive]

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Sunday (1994)
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RIP, Beki. It feels like I lost you yesterday. And this picture like the day before.

One year ago today my lost my little sister. The last of my immediate family. She would have been 48 this summer. It’s hard to live with how much I failed her and my mom.

RIP mom. There’s never enough time!

Mother’s Day is a difficult day for some of us. Please be kind.

I miss you, Mom. I wish you had chosen to stay longer. And you too, Grandma…I know you would’ve if you could’ve.

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fantasy of a broken heart
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I’ve had a major breakthrough in treatment of my depression, which has been chronic & omnipresent for 35 years. I’m ecstatic the dark voice has faded so much, even gone silent for good sized chunks of day! And I’m terrified it will roar again. And the vista of the life it consumed is harrowing.

🎡 Boy, the new Vampire Weekend album was worth the wait! And the lyrics…so good. A sample from “Classical”:

400 million animals competing for the zoo
The temple’s gone, but still a single column stands today
That sinking feeling fades, but never really goes away
A staircase up to nothingness inside your DNA

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Royel Otis
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πŸ“Ί Noted Video β†’ Champion Chess Tour/Matches

Read in 2024: Moral Victories by David Lovejoy πŸ“š β€” Interesting, semi-fictionalized account of the fascinating life of Savielly Tartakower. I’m not sure if I like the amount of fictionalization and speculation, but the author does note where it’s happening. What a character!

Restarting my meditation practice has been interesting. A major change in my depression treatment has both allowed me to fall into a groove faster than ever before, but my wandering mind has changed its style of wandering and I can’t stop feeling like my heart is pounding even when it isn’t.

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hey, nothing
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Guided By Voices
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