📃 Daily(ish) poem → 00357 ◊ Racists in Space ◊ Ashley M. Jones

Racists in Space

      ”Nobody wants to go back to that crazy racist life.”
      ”No, nobody wants to go back to riding a horse and buggy.”
      ”No, we not going back to that. People trying to go to space.”
            —pulled from a conversation with my parents

Meet George Jetson—his Klan robe is made of supersonic polyester—-Jane, his wife, bakes space cookies for Mr. Spacely, the Grand Space Dragon. They host dinner parties, and Rosie the Negrobot sings the old cotton songs.

A space joke: How many niggers does it take to make a Spacely’s Sproket? None, cause ain’t no niggers in space. We left them in steamy Alabama, in the hills and trees of Virginia back on Earth.

Here, we breatne in little clear bubbles fastened around our necks. Curious, we think, these tourniquets that save our space-aged lives. Curious, we think—we used to fasten a bubble of air, a rope around a black man’s neck, called it a noose and waited till the air crackled out of his body. How much faster he’d implode in space, how quickly his body would turn inside out to greet the gaping black.

Ashley M. Jones
—found in Terminus Magazine (2017; Issue 14)

2024 Chess Open Candidates Round 12 Predictions

What a pair of tournaments. My favorite in the Women’s field, Anna Muzychuk, just can’t finish a win, while Lei Tingjie and Tan Zhongyi are crushing the field. Meanwhile, Naka is staging a wild “comeback,” Nepo is playing defense like Petrosian, and we have the prospect of the youngest challenger ever emerging when the smoke clears. Good stuff!

Anyway, my predictions:


  • Naka-Alireza: 1-0
  • Abasov-Gukesh: 1/2-1/2
  • Fabi-Vidit: 1/2-1/2
  • Nepo-Pragg: 1/2-1/2


  • Lagno-Lei: 1/2-1/2
  • Muzychuk-Vaishali: 1-0
  • Goryachkina-Humpy: 1-0
  • Salimova-Tan: 0-1

2024 Chess Candidates Round 11 Predictions

I think I’m going to stop predicting what I think will happen, which I’m terrible at anyway, and instead “predict” what I hope will happen, which just as hard because I actually like everyone who’s playing. But for entertainment value:


  • Pragg-Nakamura: 1-0
  • Vidit-Nepo: 1-0
  • Gukesh-Fabi: 1/2-1/2
  • Alireza-Abasov: 0-1


  • Tan-Lagno: 0-1
  • Humpy-Salimova: 0-1
  • Vaishali-Goryachkina: 1-0
  • Lei-Muzychuk: 0-1

2024 Chess Candidates Round 10 predictions:

I haven’t tallied my prediction results…is it possible to be less than 0? Nonetheless, let’s roll! Or walk. Quietly, carrying a big rook.


  • Naka-Abasov: 1-0
  • Caruana-Alireza: 0-1
  • Nepo-Gukesh: 1/2-1/2
  • Pragg-Vidit: 1/2-1/2


  • Lagno-Muzychuk: 1/2-1/2
  • Goryachkina-Tingjie: 1/2-1/2
  • Salimova-Vaishali: 1-0
  • Tan-Humpy: 1-0

2024 Chess Candidates Round 9 predictions:

Just bet on the opposite of whatever I predict. But I must forge ahead. Note that my wishlist would be rather different. Maybe I should just start posting that instead!


  • Vidit-Naka: 1/2
  • Gukesh-Pragg: 1/2
  • Alireza-Nepo: 0-1
  • Abasov-Caruana: 0-1


  • Tingjie-Salimova: 1-0
  • Humpy-Lagno: 1/2
  • Vaishali-Zhongyi: 0-1
  • Muzychuk-Goryachkina: 1/2

📃 Daily(ish) poem → 00356 ◊ Sylt II ◊ Valzhyna Mort

Sylt II

The wind that makes your hair grow faster
opens a child’s mouth full of strawberry and sand.
Slow and sure
on the scales of the ocean
the child’s head outweighs the sun.

Inside the wind –
              a blister of a church,
its walls thicker than the room from wall to wall
where the wind shifts shade and light
as if they were two rival chess pieces
or two unmatched pieces of furniture.

Inside the church – such a stillness;
a feather which floats clenched in a fist of dust
becomes a rock by the time it hits the ground.

Organ pipes glint like a cold radiator
caged in a case carved as a tree, its branches
tied up with a snake.
Organ pedals, golden and plump, are the tree’s only fruit.

It is all about the release of weight.
The player crushes the pedals like grapes underneath his feet.
My body, like an inaccurate cashier, adds your weight to itself.
Your name, called into the wind,
slows the wind down.
When a body is ripe, it falls and rots from the softest spot.

Only when a child slips and drops off a tree,
the tree suddenly learns that it is barren.

Valzhyna Mort
—found in Collected Body (2011)

2024 Chess Candidates Round 8 predictions:

We’re only starting the second half, but things are going to get out of reach for many hopefuls if Ian wins and they don’t…

I have no long trains of logic behind my last minute picks today, but I need to get them in under the wire, so:

Because, why not…

  • Hikaru 1/2-1/2 Fabi
  • Nepo 1-0 Abasov
  • Pragg 0-1 Firouzja
  • Vidit 1-0 Gukesh


  • Lagno 1/2-1/2 Goryachkina
  • Salimova 0-1 Muzychuk
  • Tan 1/2-1/2 Lei
  • Humpy 1- 0 Vaishali

Have to spin up a WordPress site because…reasons. I now have many reasons to avoid Bluehost. Prevaricating pre-sales support, terrible tech-support that spent four days in confusion then told me I had to upgrade to have a single site.

Dreamhost? Up and running in a few minutes with accurate support.

I am so glad I went back on my media diet/fasting. No news is good news (for my mental health).

2024 Chess Candidates Round 7 Predictions

I went 4/4 with Open predictions yesterday! Blind squirrels, acorns, etc. I would love to see some chaosmaxxing results today…it’s theoretically possible for the day to end in a 6-way tie! But what my actual predictions:


  • Naka-Nepo: 1/2-1/2
  • Fabi-Pragg: 1-0
  • Abasov-Vidit: 0-1
  • Alireza-Gukesh: 1/2-1/2


  • Lagno-Salimova: 1-0
  • Goryachkina-Zhongyi: 1/2-1/2
  • Muzychuk-Humpy: 0-1
  • Tingjie-Vaishali: 1-0

📃 Daily(ish) poem → 00355 ◊ Busking ◊ Kevin Young


The day folds up like money
if you’re lucky. Mostly

sun cold coin
drumming into the blue

of a guitar case. Close
up & head home.

Half-hundred times wanted
to hock these six strings

hack, if I could, my axe
into firewood. That blaze

never lasts.
I’ve begged myself hoarse

sung streetcorner
& subway over train’s blast

through stale air & trash.
You’ve seen me, brushed past—

my strings screech
& light up like third rail—

Mornings, I am fed by flies,
strangers, sunrise.

Kevin Young
—found in Jelly Roll: A Blues (2003)

2024 Chess Candidates Round 6 predictions:

Continuing my proud streak of terrible predictions, I present to you the future you will surely be missing. Notably sad tournament for one of my faves, Anna Muzychuk, who has not been able to capitalize on advantage after advantage. She has to be losing steam.

  • Gukesh-Naka: 1/2-1/2
  • Vidit-Alireza: 1-0
  • Pragg-Abasov: 1-0
  • Nepo-Fabi: 1/2-1/2


  • Zhongyi-Salimova: 1-0
  • Tingjie-Lagno: 1/2-1/2
  • Vaishali-Muzychuk: 1-0
  • Humpy-Goryachkina: 1/2-1/2

📺 Noted Video → The Paradox of Wokeness

2024 Chess Candidates Round 5 predictions:

I haven’t tallied my predictions so far, but let’s just say they haven’t been great. Still, one must persevere!

2024 Chess Open Candidates Round 5 predictions:

  • Alireza-Naka: 1/2-1/2
  • Gukesh-Abasov: 1/2-1/2
  • Vidit-Fabi: 1/2-1/2
  • Pragg-Nepo: 1-0

2024 Chess Women’s Candidates Round 5 predictions:

  • Zhongyi-Salimova: 1-0
  • Tingjie-Lagno: 1/2-1/2
  • Vaishali-Muzychuk: 1/2-1/2
  • Humpy-Goryachkina: 0-1

2024 Chess Candidates Round 4 predictions

My Round 3 Open predictions were 2/4 - Women’s 2/4 in an all draw round. I haven’t tallied my overall yet, but it isn’t good!

Round 4 Open predictions:

  • Hikaru-Pragg: 1/2-1/2
  • Nepo-Vidit: 1-0
  • Fabi-Gukesh: 1-0
  • Abasov-Alireza: 1/2-1/2

Round 4 Women’s predictions:

  • Goryachkina-Vaishali: 1-0
  • Lagno-Zhongyi: 1/2-1/2
  • Nurgyul-Humpy: 0-1
  • Muzychuk-Tingjie: Draw

🎵 Noted Track: Angelina


Found on Everything So Far

DJotD 20240406

They told me my password had to have eight characters and a capital, so I chose


📃 Daily(ish) poem → 00354 ◊ Mimic Men ◊ Stacia Cyrene Yearwood

Mimic Men

Heliconius butterflies, classical models of Müllerian mimicry, display a continuum of geographic divergence by altering the photonic scattering of light from the landscape of their scabrous wings. German naturalist, Fritz Müller describes this mimicry as a phenomenon where two or more species that may or may not be closely related, but share a common predator, mimic the other’s warning signals. Often, the usually clear identity of mimic and model are blurred. For instance, to assault the marauding darkness of despair, the immigrant speaks of homeland where the lights of the city yield to a pastoral rhythm, where the mangrove’s prayer is visible as evening falls, or where hyaline noon comes wrapped in noiseless rain. Soon, this life is dominated by the other life they must all begin: the riotous flickering of fluorescents, night shifts paralyzing daylight hours, the constant menacing of sirens. To survive, they pack their old selves into battered suitcases, don characterless uniforms, fit their faces into blank stares – the mask becoming the man, but slowly.

Stacia Cyrene Yearwood
—found in Beltway Poetry Quarterly (Vol. 14, No. 4.; Fall 2013)

2024 Chess Candidates Round 3 predictions

Well, my predictions for the last round were 1/4 for the Open and 1/4 for the Women’s Candidates 😂. I was definitely not expecting Naka to get crushed with white, nor Nepo to handle Alireza so handily. And I’m sad about Anna Muzychuk’s loss…she is one of my favorite players!

Anyway, here are my predictions for today. A safe bet would be to predict anything other than what I have!

  • Abasov-Naka: 0-1

  • Alireza-Fabi: 1/2-1/2

  • Vidit-Pragg: 1-0

  • Gukesh-Ian: 1/2-1/2

  • Vaishali-Nurgyul: 1-0

  • Tingjei-Goryachkina: 1/2-1/2

  • Muzychuk-Lagno: 1-0

  • Humpy-Zhongyi: 1/2-1/2